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Broadband Availability


Broadband Availability

This may not be the right place to post this but I need to express a view as a fairly long standing customer of PlusNet/F9. My connection via some 7 miles of bell wire to the local exchange has always been slooooooow to complete stand still at times. PlusNet service has at times been frustrating but there now seems to be a real and positive attempt to satisfy customers needs albeit that you cannot get it right all of the time. The facilities for ADSL/Broadband seems a good idea for solving problems like mine and many hundreds of thousands in rural areas. The cost of the service from PlusNet in this respect seems expensive for the small low profit/no profit ventures like mine but far less than the expense offered by others. Problem seems to be that of the big boys such as BT who cannot provde ADSL or RDSL (or won't), yes I could get a satelite link but that would cost more than my pathetic income. Even the small office closer to the town which I have cannot have high speed connection because BT won't enable the local exchange because they only make profit not provide a service like the Post Office telecommunications used to do and they have a threshold before they will do it. A large area outside Dover, the gateway to England will be denied this facility not because of the lack of will by PlusNet, but, by the greed of the multi-national company(s) of filth that only consider profit and neglect the needs of a community. I may seem bitter but that is what I am and for good reason. The filth of big business destroyed 15 years of hard slog when we built up a business worth over £100,000 serving 1,040 customers a week and all we got was £5,600 in compensation, we now exist on £106 per week to live on. Who cares? certainly not any big business let alone BT or Focus or the filth that they constitute.
Kevin Elks.
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RE: Broadband Availability

My trigger level for adsl is 750
number of Registrations 194

RE: Broadband Availability

> My trigger level for adsl is 750
> number of Registrations 194

Mine - 350
So far - 216

To be honest, I find it reprehensible that BT will only supply the service if it's considered commercially feasible for an exchange.

It means rural areas will never get the chance to use it and will always be in the slow lane in comparison. Economically, *the country* needs this, not just where BT deem it.

BTW, does anyone know how long it takes for BT to actually get off their backsides and do the necessary work once the trigger level has been reached ?