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Bring back the old "Account Suspended" page


Bring back the old "Account Suspended" page

Hi, just a quicky. I expect this has been suggested before, but still.

When it was just Metronet when your account got suspended for whatever reason any attempts to access the internet would be redirected to the support section of the Metronet site.

I found this rather useful as you didn't a) have to spend hours testing all your equipment to find out your account was disabled and b) you could still find out the telephone support numbers (although reading other posts that won't help you much).

Although not a vital feature, it definately would be useful for users and help with the Plusnet-do-value-customers case. Even better if it were possible to access the My Account section as well.

Luca Spiller

Bring back the old "Account Suspended" page

i agree - was a nasty suprise when they got rid of it!