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Blocked Ports??


Blocked Ports??

I am trying to open TCP port 4004 on my system so the Internet filter software 'Brightfilter' will work.

I have tried opening the port in my D-link router and switching off all firewalls and still if I use 'Shields Up' the port is Stealth?? Brightfilter will not run

Anyone had similar problems? Any ideas? I've raised a ticket with Plusnet as I wonder if they are blocking it somehow, related to the 'Surf' feature perhaps?

All ideas gratefully received.

Blocked Ports??

I have noticed that during the evening, ports that during the morning/afternoon were open and working are coming up as 'Blocked' upon a check.

Wether it is down to actual blocking, or Ellcoya profiling causing so much slowdown that it causes the pings to timeout and think " reply..must be blocked" and reposts as such.

But no, i have sat there in the evening and kept re-adding the same rules over and over thinking "Nooo i just opened it!"