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Do PN blacklist users who download too much?!

I've got the 2mb Premier and over a three day period earlier this week I downloaded about 10Gig of Linux os's over torrent and they were coming down at about 40kb, which I was fairly happy with.

But for the past few days I can't get a torrent over 4kb - has my bandwidth been completely throttled because I downloaded so much over such a short period?

Anyone got any ideas or possible explanations? I'm scratching my head here!


The SUP system in place would not have restricted your speed for only 10GB of data.

Depending on your account type, it would have needed a minimum of 100GB, of which only 30GB can be between peak times.

How much have you used over thr rest of the month?
See your VMBU (View My Broadband usage) in Connection settings if needed.

If PlusNet had restricted you, you would have been notified via email.
Additionaly, if this had only been your first over usage, it would have only been a notification, and no throttling applied.


I've just checked and my usage so far this month is 25.47GB. Doesn't sound like too much to me but maybe it is?

This kind of thing happened to me once before when I was on Broadband Plus so I upgraded to Premier but now its happened again.

I've tried everything and the only explanation I can possible think of is that throttling of some description is definately taking place, whether it be official or not.

I wonder if anyone from PN will actually post to this thread to enlighten me?Huh