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Bizarre Situation and no support!!!


Bizarre Situation and no support!!!

I've just moved home, the online procedure for this has worked pretty smoothly except that the order tracker says that I have ISDN on the new line and that a BT engineer will have to decommission it (at a cost of £50 to me) before ADSL can be activated on the 1st of July....

Except that there is no ISDN and the line has been active since 25th June at a full 8Mbps.

Tried to phone twice - hung on for over 30 minutes both times before giving up.

Have left two questions with the 'Help' Assistant (ID:19717642) but there has been no response at all (average response time 13 hours Huh? more like 48 and counting).

Where has the support team gone ?
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Bizarre Situation and no support!!!

Looks like someone left the support building front door open and all of the CS staff have escaped into the wilderness that is sheffield town centre. Tongue

Images of PN management trying to round them up and put them back into their cag.. err office come to mind
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Bizarre Situation and no support!!!

Hi Ian,

I've just left a voicemail on your answer machine. Basically, as you have said, the order is complete, and I've called BT and confirmed that no ISDN engineer is booked for your activation.

Sorry for any confusion caused.

Bizarre Situation and no support!!!

Thanks for that James - was beginning to think that I'd gone completely unnoticed!! Cheesy