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Biting the hand that feeds it......


Biting the hand that feeds it......

I joined plusnet by recommendation.

I advised many people to join. I made the point on many forums, bbs and message boards. I flew the plus net flag high. Plusnet grew their userbase from people like myself on the net using word of mouth on forums and message boards. The following comment, well I'm left speechless,

With regards to your comments, there is one thing to keep in mind, the customers on these forums that are complaining are part of the minority, all be it a very vocal minority. The vast majority of our customers are happy with the service.

thank you jwhiting

our insignificance is noted. Thank you. (nothing like bullying a minority group)

plusnet was born of savvy net peeps telling friends that they heard of a great provider...

We made you...

shame on you....

Re: Biting the hand that feeds it......

Yep, second that. Now I'm dispirited and disillusioned with the direction my ISP has taken, and that they cannot give me, like many others, the once reliable connection we enjoyed until recently. If it wasn't for a vocal minority at the beginning where would they be now...?


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Biting the hand that feeds it......

Charming !

I personaly recommended people due to the excellent speeds I was receiving - at the time. Now quite frankly I'm embarassed when those people ask me "is your connection OK - mine's really slow/not working" etc. Shockedops:

Biting the hand that feeds it......

an example of how i will try and redress the balance for my past sins Sad (call it a "back to basics"; it's what started plusnet as a company-lest we forget)

"Hello, my name is John and I'm a past 'plusnetter' advocate....'


talk therapy is proven to be good; add yours here Wink