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Binatone 500 - Possible Tips:

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Binatone 500 - Possible Tips:

I just got going on ADSL with mine but had a big setting-up problem with an apparently small issue.which I eventually fixed. This might help someone else - or it might be wrong!

Installing Binatone 500 ASDL Modem Feb2004 - Tips before you start?
This was pretty easy but gave me one major headache - there's probably better ways but this worked for me! (Win98SE, old PCI modem)
IANE** !
The problem was that when the modem tried to obtain its settings, the old internal (left in as an emergency backup) analogue modem kept trying to take over. A solution was to remove all my DUNs (icons) from the My Computer/Dialup Networking folder so that it couldn't. Simply drag them into any folder to create a backup then delete them and reverse to restore them once the new modem is working. NOTE: you will need to re-enter username and password in each after restoring, so make sure you know it!
(Possibly, simply checking the "Never dial a Connection" box in Internet Properties/Connections from Control Panel InternetOptions or IE Tools would do the same thing? Or, would it just bring up a dialogue box?)

So, the sequence would be:
1. Put in splitters/filters (DON'T attach the modem's USB cable to the computer.)
2. Remove DUNs (If there are any, after noting username & password)
3. Run install CD
4. Plug in the USB lead from the modem to the computer (when requested, after a few seconds) and wait a few seconds. The power light should come on and the ADSL sync light should soon stop flashing.
5. Let it do its stuff (Windows installation disc may be needed,) finally, clicking OK closes that section and returns you to the desktop.
6. Click the Binatone internet shortcut which has been placed on your desktop to open blue setup sheets.
7. Choose your country and "Next"
8. Enter: username as then password and then "always on" if you want it to startup with Windows.
9. Check that all settings are correct and save them. (All the other tech stuff should be done for you) This saving configurations takes several minutes. Then click OK
10. On the Login Status sheet that appears, click "Connect" and you should see the "Connecting... " confirmation. Again there may be a wait until you see "Connected"
11. Now you have to wait about an hour before Plusnet recognise you and you can surf. Just keep attempting to browse to their website at intervals untill you succeed.
12. When everything is humming along you may want to restore your DUNs. Now, with "Dial whenever a network connection is not present" is selected in "Connections", if you unplug or disconnect the new modem, and try to browse, your old modem should leap up and connect for you EVER SO SLOWLY!

* Just use your browser and the new modem takes care of everything for you. Its always on. It won't talk to you.
* Don't look for your newly installed modem in Control Panel as it is nowhere to be seen! It is installed as a Network Adaptor and as a Universal Serial Bus Controller instead. Not under Modems etc. So you can't mess with it!
* If step10 goes wrong I think it OK to restart the computer and click "Binatone" again. (Also if you are playing with Disconnect/Connect later and it hangs.)
* The modem is silent but gets quite warm. It is rated at 0.35 Amps so if you have a lot of stuff connected to your USB ports at one time...
* Those flashing lights are soooo 50's-Sci-Fi...
* If you go in for spagetti wiring just remember that you only make ONE *little* socket connection in the whole tangle and that is the FINAL one to the ADSL modem. ALL the other connections, to ANYTHING, are to *big* socket -
BUT the line from the ADSL modem, which eventually goes through to the main socket, must only pass through a TOTAL of ONE *filter* so you probably need lots of *splitters* to divert it round other *filters*.
(Plug the *filter* into a *splitter* to take the ADSL line round it.)
Every line from a phone going eventually back to the main socket must pass through at least one filter before it gets there. You will probably have one or more *filters* with an unused *little *socket. If you are confused, DRAW it!
** I Am No Expert