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Binatone 2100 Firmware upgrade


Binatone 2100 Firmware upgrade

Hey everyone,

My housemates and I wish to upgrade our firmware drivers for our Binatone 2100 series router. We've been on various binatone websites with barly any mention of their routers - hmm.

Can anyone please tell me if they have a firmware update for it, or can direct me so.


House of yak

Binatone 2100 Firmware upgrade

Oh dear.

02/09/04 - Binatone Broadband Support Centre Note

If you need to have the firmware of your ADSL2100 upgraded to our latest version (currently 38.19.9) then you will have to have your unit sent to our support centre for the procedure to be carried out.

We offer this as a free service providing your unit is still under warrantee.

You will need to send all of the following to our support centre:

1 . Proof of Purchase
2 . Your ADSL2100 Router, excluding powersupply and additional cables
3 . A note with your Name, Address, Telephone Number, ISP Name, Date of Purchase and a line informing us that you require your firmware to be updated.
4 . Securely pack all of these.

If we do not recieve all that we have listed above we will not perform the update on your router and it will be held until we recieve the nessesary documents. If the documents are not provided you will be liable for postage costs to have the unit shipped back to you.

If all documentation is recieved we will perform the update and cover the cost of postage to get the unit back to yourself. However we do not pay or send out prepaid lables to have the unit shipped to us from yourself.

This service is beyond that of your warrantee and is provided free of charge from Binatone to in-warrantee customers.

If you are unsure or wish to question anything in this document please call our support centre on 01325 304473

Binatone 2100 Firmware upgrade

Judging by the number of spelling and grammatical errors (and the fact that their firmware version is up to 38!), I'd consider changing brands if you're having problems.

My Netgear DG384 works a treat.

Binatone 2100 Firmware upgrade

Oh for gods sake, im getting really annoyed with plusnet at the min, this is just making things worse.

After about a week of using this POS router they told me we couldn't send it back and get it exchanged for something better.

Plusnet, please from now on provide your users with something a bit better

Binatone 2100 Firmware upgrade

If it is giving you trouble then I would suggest returning it ASAP, advise them that you are rejecting the goods a la Sale of Goods Act. Unfortunately you're probably out of time to return it under the distance sellign regulations.

Aside from that, why don't you tell us what's going wrong with it? There may be a simple solution.

Binatone 2100 Firmware upgrade

we were on the phone to someone from plusnet within the first week of getting the net from them, complaining about how rubbish the router seems to be, activated the firewall on it acutally causes porblems with the users =\/

but its just random when it decides to mess up, grind the net to a halt, sign us out of msn randomly, etc etc, just a big list of little faults. Even though they're little, lots of them get on your tits.

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Binatone 2100 Firmware upgrade

Repeated little glitches can sometimes drive you nuts Smiley

Sorry to sound patronising, but do you have microfilters on every (used) phone socket? Does the problem still occur if you disconnect every device on every socket, except for the router? How does it behave if you disable the firewall capabilities?