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Binary news groups getting worse


Binary news groups getting worse

Now you are making specific charges
for this service could you tell someone
to "turn up" the percentage of post available
from your servers.
I was encouraged at the end of
march and the beginning of this month when for a time I found I was able to get about 50% of a post from plus and the rest from my other specialised news account. It is now back to the miserly 20-25% again.

Demon manages 70%+ how come you can't?

Come on guys deliver what we pay for.


RE: Binary news groups getting worse

Hi Rod,

At the moment we do not try to provide a full binary news feed as the servers that we have in place simply do not have the retention necessary. We have always said that if you require a full binaries feed then you will have to look externally.

We are planning to upograde the news servers in the near future - more than doubling the available storage space. When we have further information on this upgrade it will be announced through the service status area of the portal.


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