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Billing problems.......


Billing problems.......


I currently have to log onto each of our accounts every month to print the invoices for our accounts dept. I simply cannot rely on our users to do this.

For future development I would like to see a corporate portal where a company can order & manage several accounts through the one sign on. Does anyone know if this will ever happen?

Short term the ability to have all the bills emailed straight to our accounts or at least the user would be a great help to me. Is this possible?
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Email of Invoices

I second this motion!
Although we only have 2 Force9 accounts - each month we need to login and print-off the Invoices. It wouldn't be too hard to email the invoices to a nominated email address surley?

Billing problems.......

I agree...

The ability to receive bills automatically should be made available.

Come on F9 this would be an easy update for your largest customers [companies]

Poor business support


Sadly, business users are still being treated as individual accounts even though most of the time they probably have several accounts that are administered by just the one person or department.

F9 are still refusing to send me invoices for all our accounts meaning that I have to log onto each account every month & manually print each invoice. These are all business class accounts & it is most frustrating. When I first joined F9 I was told that a business portal was around the corner. Even just the grouping of accounts would help as I now have 20 accounts & growing to administer!

This can only be described as a fundamental flaw in the billing process but every time I raise the question I get a severe lack of support.

It’s looking like I have no alternative but to request a load of MAC numbers as I can not afford the time to add more accounts to manage individually any more….

Are there any other business users out there that are in a similar predicament?

Any idea how to got this major flaw point over to the right person at F9?

Any help Appreciated…

Gareth Lodge
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