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Billing Enquiry


Billing Enquiry

I have just ordered my broadband service, and am awaiting the order to be completed.

My first payment has been taken and would like to enquire about this.

Is this the payment for my broadband for the first month, if so will the next payment be taken, the next month.

If not then what is the payment for?

Kindest Regards


Billing Enquiry

I expect that the payment would be for the first month, although the best way to check, is to visit the log of financial transactions (invoices) that have been raised on your account.

The invoice in question will contain the detail on what the charges are for.

You can visit the Account Transaction page using the links to the left, and above.

The path would be:

    My Account > Account Details > Transaction History

Alternatively, this link should take you straight there.
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Billing Enquiry

It’s a long time since I joined, but I believe you first payment is to cover your first months subscription and any other fees such as activation charge and hardware (if not deferred) and shipping on any hardware.

Your next monthly subscription charge will then be due one month after your connection goes live. So if it takes PlusNet 2 weeks to activate your connection, your next payment will be in about 6 weeks. Then on the same date of each month there after.