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Big [censored] moan


Big [censored] moan

...or maybe someone has a solution! I am getting emails from a company telling me a have a virus (spoof rubbish not even real) and that to remove it I have to visit thier site! I could sincerely understand if there was an attachment etc but nothing! The mails are via Japan and Edu sites! Yet it seems that the point of telling me I have a spoof virus is to visit their site to buy thier anti-virus software.... so in effect it must be spamming!

Usually I would block people like this but this one pisses me off!

Does anyone know what the law is in the UK viz spamming because I sincerely would like to see these people chopped off the net!

BTW the company is called Mailscanner!

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Big [censored] moan

There is nothing you can do in Law and that is why spamming is so popular. Any law that does exists can only be applied to emails that originate within the UK or Europe (of which there are very few and why most originate from the US or other countries).

Unfortunately that is how things are now a days with spam/virus accounting for approx 40-50% of all emails sent. This will also not be the last spam/virus emails you will receive either as your email address has now found it's way onto the spammers lists.

Your only option is to try and filter them via your browser rules or some spam filtering software installed like mailwasher.
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Big [censored] moan

Do as I have done.

Create a named mailbox or if you already have one then delete it and create a new one under another name. (in effect changing your mail address)

Only collect mail fron that named box and arrange for all othermail that lands in your default mailbox ( to be redirected to the blackhole thus you never see it.

You will also need to set up a box called postmaster and monitor that as well so that Plusnet always have a route to send you mail.

Since I did the above several months ago I have not had any spam to my named mailbox. Wink

Big [censored] moan

This MIGHT just be a genuine virus filter responding to spoofed sender messages. Hard to call...

If you really believe it's spam you could try making a complaint... appears to do the hard work of finding abuse contacts, I don't know what proportion of ISPs accept spamcop complaints though.

I hear that some of them blackhole all abuse complaints.