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Best time to get a MAC?


Best time to get a MAC?

I'm sadly baffled by the blurb on the Help pages!

I read about 30 day periods and then about nominating dates on when to move.

I don't know if other ISP's let you schedule when to migrate because I wouldn't want to have an overlap period. Assuming that you pay DDebits in advance, best thing would be to get MAC on billing date, wait until the end of the month and then move?

Is this right?

I've not done a MAC thing ever so I don't know what the score is...
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Best time to get a MAC?

I am sure I've read that once you migrate, you should let PlusNet know via a ticket (as BT often don't) and they'll refund the portion of monthly charge between the date you've migrated up until your paid-up-to billing date. (After the notice period). So that way you don't end up paying charges to two ISP's.

I am not sure how PlusNet work their 30-day notice. Presumably they give you the MAC immediately, after paying outstanding charges, and continue to charge you up to 30 days from giving notice which doesn't apply to a refund they might give as above.

But as you say, getting the MAC on the billing date and migrating the same date the following month is probably easiest, as then you've given the notice and you have as little as possible to chase up for a refund.

I don't know for certain either, as I've not migrated away yet.

Best time to get a MAC?

even though you need to inform Plusnet when you have migrated this is not in itself proof enough for Plusnet, they wait until BT confirm this, which according to Plusnet C.S. can take days. I would give yourself at least 5 days prior to the next billing date otherwise you are likely to be billed again and then have to wait for a refund