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Becoming very frustrated


Becoming very frustrated

As with quite alot of people after browsing through so many complaint threads in this forum, I figure I may as well make one since well, I just want to complain for once. I have been a Plusnet customer for over 3 years now and have always enjoyed their service with little to no problems at all. But now it has all changed for the worse.

For the past couple months now, I can barely do anything with this unstable connection. I cannot even do a simple web browsing or download without ridiculously slow speeds or it just completely drops, causing me to restart the router so many times or in some cases, having to wait for hours for the line sync to come back up. I cannot even online game anymore since I will just disconnect straight away and it seems the only time I can play decently is at stupid times like 2am+ when the connection seems to be fast and stable. Am I being forced to only play at Off peak times or something? Great way to affect my health and enjoyment here!

I used to be able to do all the things I liked at any hours of the day without any problems. My usage is well within the sustainable and allowance limits and yet, I just cannot do anything at all now. I noticed these problems started when the free 8mb connections were rolling out (Only managed 5mb on mine) and it seems quite alot of people have similar situations as well.

So could my connection actually be fixed to something that used to be stable or do I have to keep dealing with this and be unable to do anything? If it carries on much longer I may as well just find another ISP since I am becoming very dissapointed with this service.
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Becoming very frustrated

You have either had a MaxDSL upgrade or been transferred to Tiscali LLU. Do you know which of these is the case?
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