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Barebone package? reduce cost?


Barebone package? reduce cost?

Brilliant idea here I reckon. Is ther any chance of f9 providing a barebone broadband package. all u pay 4 is connection. This means no...
free cgi scripts

or anything really. some of me dont use any of them. (apart from webspace but that can be remedied). I'm sure you could but the cost down to like £16 or £17. okay bit ambitious..perhaps £18 or £19 by doin so. you'll be the best in the business then. go on. check it out for me people


I cannot see the idea for a bare bones service taking off at all. This is because I just dont believe the demand for this kind of broadband product exsists in any quantity. Secondly ISP's cannot provide it themselves its down to the telco's as far as my understanding goes. So in theory F9 couldnt provide a bare bones product it would be BT that could provide it.

No! I'd be far more in favour of a full ADSL product with all services but for the user it would be a "pay as you go" product for those users who might not have the up front capital to fund a broadband connection, with activation fee's, devices and accounts,etc in the normal manner.

Finally you have to remember that (like it or not?) ADSL services have to make money or profits otherwise ISP's wouldnt provide it. So a bare bones product I suspect wouldnt be profitable enough to be commercially viable in the long term.

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Barebone package? reduce cost?

Hi there,

The problem with this idea is that the things you are stripping out of the package, such as e-mail and webspace, are things that really cost us nothing. Obviously there are maintenance costs but the capital expenditure has been put in at the start and can be ignored for an ongoing cost.

The bits of an ADSL service that cost us money are, in this order, 1) The ADSL circuit from BT and 2) Bandwidth.

This means that the product ends up costing nearly as much without the added features as it does with, and the reason that our no-frills package (the home surf) blocks peer-2-peer as well as offering less features - because the lack of p2p saves on bandwidth. To be honest, you only have to look at BT Wholesales no frills package - which is £27.99 - to see that it does not really make a difference to price.


Barebone package? reduce cost?

aha. fair enoughCheesy