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Barcalys online - 100% packet loss


Barcalys online - 100% packet loss

Hi Folks,

Is it just me? I'll be darned if I can ever get a decent usable connection to Barclays online during working ours exactly when ones needs to do business banking-

Pinging currently gives me 100% packet loss and if I do manage to get in it takes anything up to 5mins to navigate from one page to another. Totally unusable. The question is, is it me, Plusnet or Barclays? All other websites appear fine so I can only guess that Barclays with it's x billion profit is still using a ZX81.

Date: 23/02/2007 (Friday), 11:22:44 AM
Nodes: 6

Node Data
Node Net Reg IP Address Location Node Name
1 - - Mid Sussex BOSS
2 1 - Unknown
3 2 1 Unknown
4 3 1 Unknown
5 4 1 Unknown
6 5 2 Unknown

Packet Data
Node High Low Avg Tot Lost
1 0 0 0 1 0
2 8 0 1 26 0
3 139 26 36 26 0
4 173 25 35 26 0
5 76 27 30 26 0
6 0 ---- 0 51 52

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Barcalys online - 100% packet loss

Having trouble as well at the moment from my work (non-PN) connection. Though I was using it yesterday and it was fine.

I do have trouble with it now and again, usually when it hits my payday on the 28th of the month and want to check if my money has gone in - then I often have trouble. I guess it's not just me trying to do the same which might cripple the site :roll:

Barclays s l o w

I tried Barclays this morning to make a payment and because the site was so slow it logged me out twice

Barcalys online - 100% packet loss

OK now. Slow motion this morning.
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Barcalys online - 100% packet loss

Same problem here this morning. Seemed to have cleared up around 11:30.

Abbey also seemed to be affected as it took about 4 attempts to login which is very unusual.

What made me laugh was the automated message when you ring for support at Barclays suggesting it would be easier to access your accounts on-line :!:


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