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Bad pinging in games recently?


Bad pinging in games recently?

Whats going on?

Over the last few days I have been getting very high pings in games and its the exact reason i left Tiscali.

Its not just me, i know various people all around the UK that are experiencing the exact same problems that are all on the same package as me.

Are plusnet going to do anything about this or not as this is very very annoying,

I download about 15-20GB a month, so if i get told i am subject to traffic shaping then i am not at all impressed.

Had no problems up to now apart from P2P speeds (expected), and now this pops up.

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Bad pinging in games recently?

I just got this exact same thing... for the firs time though... got booted out of a BF2 match for high ping. Now when I ping I am getting 140ms average!!

But I have to say this is the first time I have experienced it...


As for bandwidth usage... I am just under 5Gb this month, and have never used more than 10Gb... so I am sure I am not being 'managed'. I bet not be anyway.

Bad pinging in games recently?

Migrating to METRONET in 3 days for this very reason. Bye bye PN - don't expect them to be in business in 6 months.

Bad pinging in games recently?


That post is neither factual nor is it constructive feedback.

Trolling posts of this nature are not welcome on these boards.

Please stop.

Bad pinging in games recently?

My most grovelling apologies.

Will you delete this I wonder....

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