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Bad Start !


Bad Start !

I was overjoyed to recieve an email that my account was now active and set up
my new adsl modem to get connected as soon as. Although i did manage to get connected i could not use explorer . I have phoned technical
on several occasions to try and rectify this without success. I was told to uninstall AOL which should solve my problem (didn't work). Then i was told to delete all other internet connections and make plusnet default (didn't work). I was then told my explorer or computer was the problem and should get it checked out ! My explorer and computer worked fine before and still does when using my 56k connection. This is not the best start and i am starting to regret joining Plusnet already !
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Bad Start !

What operating system do you use?
What connection is your ADSL Modem?

Bad Start !

You will most probably find that even though you have uninstalled AOL, the settings are still there for DNS and other nasties AOL puts on. AOL takes over your machine and in worst case scenarios the only way to get rid of it is a format & reinstall.
If your modem connecton status says OK (connected), you can collect your Email from plusnet but get "DNS server" or "page not found" errors in Internet Explorer, then the problem is the old DNS and other settings from AOL hanging around.
A dial up will use "automatic" settings which can by pass some of these problems, DSL does not.

Bad Start !

I am using Windows XP and ADSL 500 Binatone modem

Bad Start !

You need XP ServicePack 1 installed for that modem to work correctly. Try that first.

Bad Start !

Just to note here, the error message "DNS not found" is a generic error.

This means it will display this misleading information on most errors, including when it does have the DNS information.

Timeouts and other problems cause this.

Some of the things you need to check that can cause this include.

View "Tools -> Internet Options", click the connections tab.

In the properties of the connection in question (usualy listed), make sure that "Automaticaly detect settings", "Use automatic configuration script" and "Use proxy server..." are all unticked.

If your connection is not listed, I advise you to do this for all connections listed.

There is also a "LAN settings" button. Click this, and make sure none of the above listed items are ticked.

If this fails to enable your use, then in the security and privacy tabs in the options panel, click "Default" (or equivelant) to make sure that no security settings are breaking your browser.

If this fails, then perform the following. Report yes or no for each one, as to if they work or not.

1: Attempt to visit

2: Attempt to visit

3: Open a command window (can be done by click Start, Run and typing "command" and OK)

In this window, type "nslookup" and hit enter

Again, now attempt tp visit

Bad Start !

Thank you cqg4uzg !
I thought i already had service pack 1 but i didn't. Shockedops:
Working pefect now and thank you everyone for your help Tongue


Still disappointed with technical depts attitude. Shouldn't they have advised me of this?!

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Bad Start !

Was it just the upgrade to SP1 that fixed this?

I will ensure the training team re-enforce this advise among the agents...



Bad Start !


XP service pack 1 issue with Binatone modem was seen somewhere else on the forum. I was only passing it on.

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Bad Start !

Service packs fix a variety of hardware related problems. At the end of the day service packs are classed as critical updates by Windows and should generally always be applied.