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Backward priorities?


Backward priorities?

Well, I'm off.

The draconian, illogical and amateurish policy of email rejection based on subject line alone was the final straw for me. I asked for my MAC Key at 12:55 on Sunday (lunchtime)...

... It arrived at 15:46!!! :shock:

I am a very light user (typically 2-3GB per month) on PAYG, exactly the kind that they should want to keep, so it's not that they were desperate to get rid of me.

Now, at a time when PlusNet are taking flak from all sides for not answering tickets quickly and for being inaccessible by phone you have to ask yourself if they have their priorities the right way round.

If they were to spend a bit more effort in treating customers problems and concerns with the same degree of efficiency, maybe the customers wouldn't be so pissed off and want to leave in the first place.

Go figure! :roll: