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Background noise on VMBU


Background noise on VMBU

I remember seeing a post from Dave (in usenet I think) about "background noise" and how it shows on the new broadband usage tool.

Looking at mine, I can see amounts for p2p, gaming and other on my stats. I have never used gaming or p2p on my account but am assuming that because I have a dynamic ip, someone in the past on this ip has used these protocols? It's not a huge amount (peak/ off peak); gaming 69.99kb/ 32.55, p2p 15.32kb/ 337.49kb, other 166.12kb/ 228.4kb. Since my account usage was only reset 3 days ago, it appears to be that a substantial amount of "background noise" will account for my usage over the full month. The router is secured and my firewall active, is there anything else that can be done?

Just out of curiosity, what is "other" classed as?


Background noise on VMBU

I still can't see the new VMBU despite my billing date having passed on the 11th.

Is this another effect of being a long standing customer on a discontinued product that f9/PN have just decided to forget about and ignore us when it comes to upgrades?

Background noise on VMBU

Long standing?

Pah, you young'uns! Cheesy

But yes, I'm beginning to think I was penalised for hanging around for too long with the wrong VISP.
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Background noise on VMBU

but am assuming that because I have a dynamic ip

I have a static IP and I have never used Gaming, Email or Streaming, yet the figures keep on going up.