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BUGS: portal upgrading from homeSurf to BB Home

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BUGS: portal upgrading from homeSurf to BB Home

I notice there have been some changes in the portal related to when you are trying to upgrade (after logging in) - i.e. it now shows the cost to upgrade for monthly/annual after selecting the hardware option rather than the activation fee previously. This is much better but... yes there is a but...

Took me a while to sus what was happening but I have now...

There are 3 bugs which manifests themselves as showing no costs in the monthly or annual select boxes or sometimes it only shows a cost in the monthly box, with annual just showing £. This is reproducable and only appears to happen when you choose the premier options. Also showing the wrong cost for 2Mb premier when using the browsers back button.

bug 1: Monthly shows cost, annual does not (just £)

1) Navigate to the broadband home product selection page via the plusnet home page.

2) The default selected is 1Mb premier, just click proceed

3) Then when you click no hardware or exising used (next to no hardware) or any of the proceed buttons on the hardware choices, the next page only shows £14.99 on monthly, £ only on annual.

bug 2: monthly and annual show no cost (just £)

1) as above

2) as above but select 512K premier package and click proceed

3) as above except you see no costs for monthly or annual, just £ on both.

Note: in both the above bugs, if you choose a capped option (not premier) on any of the packages, the monthly and annual costs are shown correctly when clicking no hardware / existing user or any of the hardware selection proceed buttons on the hardware page.

Bug 3: wrong 512K or 2Mb cost after browser back button used

1) as 1 above

2) select say 512K or 2Mb premier product which shows the correct cost as £21.99/£39.99 and click proceed (It actually does not matter what 512K/2Mb option you choose).

3) On the hardware page, hit the browser back button. On returning to the product selection page, the radio button is still set to 512K or 2Mb but the cost shows £29.99 instead of £21.99/£39.99. (I.e. the cost as if the radio button was on the 1Mb selection with premier option). Either the cost should be shown correctly (£21.99/£39.99) or the radio button selecton changed back to 1Mb (which I think is the default now and probably what should have happened).

Finally, all 3 problems exist when using IE browser and Mozilla/Firefox so it's probably a coding error. These may be specific to homesurf upgrading or may be generic and occur for upgrading all account types but I only have Homesurf to test with.

7 / 10 - must try harder Wink

I guess this will be pretty urgent so over to you...

Ticket 13357298 raised with summary of problem and link to this thread.

[note: edits to simplify / correct instructions and add ticket no.]
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BUGS: portal upgrading from homeSurf to BB Home

Another one....

on the page

- if you select the minimum lite product 512k/1GB, 1Mb/1GB, 2Mb/2GB for either annual or monthly drop-down lists, and click go, it takes you to a summary page of the upgrade details and cost and a upgrade button to press.

If you select any of the premier products, any speed,monthly or annual drop down selection and click go, it takes you to the contact us page containing the following selections (it's a session based page so can't include a link):

• Regrade Speed Only (e.g. ADSL Home > Broadband Home 1Mb Upgrade)
• Upgrade without speed / contention change (e.g. ADSL Home > Broadband Home)
• Regrade Contention and/or Speed (e.g. Broadband Home > HomeWorker Pro 2Mb)
• I'm Unsure which option to pick
• Portal Link: Add Debit / Credit card payment details to my account
• Portal link: Upgrade guide

Should this happen?
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BUGS: portal upgrading from homeSurf to BB Home

Despite the bugs that Peter has pointed out, that page is quite cool. Thumbs Up (I can't be bothered finding the images) to the developers for that...
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BUGS: portal upgrading from homeSurf to BB Home

I concur. With the above issues corrected as well as Problem 19894 (the final confirmation page not catering for capped selections) this looks like a 'major contribution to road safety.. errr... product upgrading' Cheesy
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BUGS: portal upgrading from homeSurf to BB Home

Bugs 1 & 2 in the first post also occur via the quick picks on

Also it may related to the -1 parameter being passed in the URL. Example is &halfprices1mb in , when set to -1 bugs 1 & 2 are seen, when set to say 1240 (when a 4GB capped product is chosen) they are not. In the other speed selections &halfprices (512k) and &halfprices2mb (2Mb), when set to -1 the bugs are seen, when set to other values the bugs are not seen. A big clue me thinks.
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BUGS: portal upgrading from homeSurf to BB Home

Thanks Peter,

These bugs are specific to your account type (I have picked up some others with the Eaststart account for example). Problem 19902 now raised.

The reason for this is that there are so many old products that you can move off that it is impossible to test every account change path. We will just iron them out as we find them.