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BT to buy PlusNet??


BT to buy PlusNet??


Not sure if this has been posted before, so my apologies if it has - I can't stand the heat so don't flame me!!

OK, So has anyone read the February 2007 issue of Personal Computer World magazine yet? In this issue it makes a statement that BT is going to buy (out) PlusNet.

I know from reading in these very forums of late that certain PlusNetters are thinking this but this article seems to substantiate the rumours.....

I understand that PN won't be drawn on the issue of investor relations and that is fine - I was just wondering if this is the reason why the company (PN) is being "tweaked" in order to maximise the value should the deal go ahead and that is why we are all experiencing a "tightening of the reins"?

I'd really like for this not to happen but it's business I guess!!

Cheers and Good Luck!
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BT to buy PlusNet??

Yes, there has already been a lot of discussion about this - using the search would have identified this.

BT to buy PlusNet??

I had a feeling it might - guess I didn't search too well!

Reading the other posts suggested something was going to happen and the article kind of confirms it.

Hopefully an announcement from PN soon then....

Guess this thread can be closed?


BT to buy PlusNet??

Certainly can if thats what you want. :lol:

Locked at the request of the OP.