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BT strikes again!

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BT strikes again!

Glitch slows down BT's high-speed rivals
Sunday Telegraph 7 Aug 05

BT Group has suffered widespread software glitches that have led to severe delays in connecting thousands of consumers to high-speed internet services provided by rival operators.

The problem lies with a new system that is supposed to automatically transfer control of a residential line when a customer orders a broadband internet connection with one of BT's rivals.

Previously, the process was carried out manually by a BT engineer. But the new system, which has been in place since May, has failed to keep up with surging demand for faster internet connections.

The glitch has affected areas served by telephone exchanges where BT's rivals, such as Bulldog, which is owned by Cable & Wireless, have installed their own equipment - a process known as local loop unbundling. The process allows for significantly faster connection speeds.

According to a report by Peter Black, the Telecoms Adjudicator, who monitors the performance of telecoms companies, last month BT failed to successfully connect one in five customers using unbundled exchanges on time.

BT, led by Ben Verwaayen, the chief executive, said yesterday that the problems had been identified and service levels had now returned to normal.

C&W last month threatened to make a formal complaint to Ofcom if BT's performance did not improve. An executive close to the company yesterday confirmed that C&W was still considering make a complaint.

May explain why they are taking so long to do our upgrades! :roll:
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BT strikes again!

BT's problems at the moment are becoming very bad, they need to get their act together!