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BT socket help, Have I been put back to 1mb?


BT socket help, Have I been put back to 1mb?

As of 3-4 days ago, from having a consistent, constant 4.5mb -
6mb down, and 507kbs up connection(since maxdsl more than 3 months ago), I suddenly now just get ALWAYS 980kbs down and 240kbs up. So I'm eliminating possible problems(although I know it aint them), but Have a question about BT socket thing;

When you remove the face plate to BT socket, there is just ONE socket to use? The one where the plate connects to?

So far, I've tried the socket after unscrewing the BT plate, different filters. Now, I'm going to try another pc with anther modem. It's been suggested to me, that PN have stuck me on a 1MB connection, could that be the case? Because although when I check it says I'm on 8000 prmeier option one, it seems as if I'm getting exactly the speeds of when I was on 1MB.
Any ideas people?

Also, It can't be restriction for allowance, as A) I've had no email, and B) in 2 and a half weeks, I've only used 5gb on peak, 11gb off peak.

BT socket help, Have I been put back to 1mb?

Tried the BT Speedtester?

Before PN will go any further you need to do 3 tests, one between 12am and 7am and then raise a ticket with the results...

BT socket help, Have I been put back to 1mb?

Nope, because it doesn't work for me at all. I may be on the Tiscalli or something apparently.
Anyway, I've tried somebodys PC, with a different modem, and I'm still getting the exact same speed. I'm POSITIVE, I'm getting 1mb connection. NO doubt at all. I'll try ringing PN tomorrow, but unfortunately, I don't think I'll get through by the time I get back from work, best time for answering the phone for me when I needed help was 55 minutes :S
Is there actually no paid emplorers of PN on this forum?
This is just wrong.

[Moderator's note by James - (sallyandjames): Full quote of preceding post removed as per the link:rules]

BT socket help, Have I been put back to 1mb?

There are often a few PN Staffer's active on the forums, but as this is not an official support route, they will generally leave the forums to themselves for a bit if higher priority stuff comes up internally. (Answering Support tickets/escalating issues etc)

You don't mention in either of your posts if you have raised a ticket with PN? If not, its worthwhile doing so.

In the meantime, perhaps on of the Comms team will spot your post here and have a look at it for you.