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BT line fault policy


BT line fault policy

I've had a problem now for a considerable time with my attempt to get BT to fix or forget broadband access here. I might have mentioned this in other posts.

Now, a factor guaranteed to make a problem worse is when you have no hand in the solution, and no information on any progress.

My actual problem starts and will end with BT. Plainly it would be simpler to monitor fault progress by direct access to BT. However, access to BT Wholesale is only through the ISP, with whom BT have a contract. Force9 have had a severe problem with support, particularly response times, which has meant BT were able to carry on in their own sweet way unmolested, and I was left to stew.

For ordinary dial-up, if you have a problem with the line you progress it yourself with BT, even if like me you actually use another provider for calls. About every 18 months I get to talk to someone actually in the repair team. (Shaky old lines out here.) You browbeat the ISP if there is another problem, say their modems are iffy. (Not these days).

Other than the small fact that BT call all the shots and have exported the support function to the ISP, who actually has no say in the physical service provision, if I am actually renting the line from BT why can I not deal directly with the BT Broadband team on the matter of broadband line faults? It's the same sodding line!