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BT for Broadband or any provider?


BT for Broadband or any provider?

Surprisingly I cannot find this information anywhere on the site.
It is a fundamental question. I seem to recall some BT questions when I first subscribed.
What is the issue if any about having a BT line or not? Example OneTel lines? :?

BT for Broadband or any provider?

Welcome to the forums,

I think its not a problem between BT and OneTel but more cable providers. As Plusnet can only supply Broadband over BT lines and via BT exchanges there would be little point in signing up if you had a NTL line would there?

This is what I think these questions were about, although I could well end up being corrected.



But OneTel is not cable. At least not in the offers that I see.
I just want to know if I can subscribe to a OneTel phone line, but still use a PlusNet Broadband connection?
It is still a BT exchange is it not?

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BT for Broadband or any provider?

i think onetel just do the phone calls option so you are still technincally on a bt line, only exception would be llu but im not sure if onetel offer that option anyway so you should be fine

BT for Broadband or any provider?

Yes you can is the simple answer to that, Im on One.Tel for my Telephone bill, i pay them for rental and calls and i have ADSL too. Kept the same number!! All still goes through the BT exchange so really its no different to having a BT Line.