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BT exchange capacity


BT exchange capacity


this is a very frustrating situation and would be grateful for any advice

having signed up 3 weeks ago for PN broadband I'm still waiting for the local BT exchange to activate the ADSL. having chased PN i'm now told that there is no capacity at the exchange and i'm in a queue

PN tell me there's nothing they can do to tell me how long this will take, where i am in the queue, or in fact anything at all!

it seems remarkable to me that when PN/BT checked my phone number to see that it was capable of having ADSL they couldn't also tell me that there was no capacity, and hence set expectation. grrrrr!

so do i just sit and wait, and wait and wait or is there anything i can do to push this along?

grateful for any thoughts!
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BT exchange capacity

Unfortunalty the BT database is not always accurate, so when they checked BT will have told PN that there was capacity but when they actually went to install your connection or when they did another check on the exchange they found out that there was infact no capacity for you. Unfortunatly it is something that crops up occasionally and there is nothing PN can do about it, its up to BT to upgrade your exchange and create capacity for you however they are rarely in much of a hurry to do it.