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BT and their synchronous change service


BT and their synchronous change service

BT's helpful human service gave me an order number when they arranged my transfer of telephone number to my new house. They also said "good news, Plus.Net is on our list of synchronous changeover companies, so they can move your broadband in harmony with our switch over" wow I though, that's great.... except there is nowhere to enter this information on Plus.Net's automated and fairly inflexible online tool.

How does one go about geting this info to plus.Net? I fear I have missed the baot, as BT are moving me this Friday (4 days time) and PN's timescales do not allow that quick a responce.

Thanks in advance
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BT and their synchronous change service

Hi Clive,

Unfortunately this isn't possible. BT require at least 5 working days for us to place this kind of order, so I'm afraid you've just missed the boat Sad


Thank you, James, for the swift reply. I have scheduled my changeover with you from the 30th and will have to wait my time. Perhaps an addition to your "move page" could be made so that the BT order number can be typed in, aiding the synchronicity that they (and I am sure you) are aiming to achieve.