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BT VP status


BT VP status

Is there anything PN can do to force BT to consider increasing the number of Virtual Path's on my exchange?

Since 26-12-05 its either been amber or red bar one brief period (16-01-06) when it finally went green. 7 days later it dropped to amber and now has dropped back to red.

Not exactly stunning service from BT (hey, whats new?) and will no doubt get a very low priority due to the maxdsl rollout.
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BT VP status

I don't think there is anything the PlusNet can do. I think if you run the BT Speed tester every so often and the results are low enough this might influence BT.

It might not be the same VP though. The exchange checker shows red if any of the VP's in the exchange is getting full, so they might have upgraded one and another one has gotten full meaning the checker is showing red again.


BT VP status

That's what I suspect is happening - it just begs the question of BT though - if you're in the exchange upgrading one redlined VP why not look at the capacity on the others and upgrade any which are approaching their limits...

Still that would mean BT would need to plan ahead and have common sense Wink
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BT VP status


It doesn't quite work like that though. In our own little dream worlds it could and should. Reality is a very different matter.

BT have a continued program to upgrade VPs in-line with capacity predictions.

Inline with the predictions, they start the own internal ordering process to get these upgraded in time such that things should remain green.

Amber & Red conditions are were something goes wrong with those predictions, or the ordering process fails for some reason.

Sorry to harp on about heavy use, but in a 50:1 contention pipe, it realy does only take one or two people to upset the applecart. One new or existing customer suddenly finds out how to download like crazy (ISP independant issue), or even a customer infected with a virus and thus spamming the world (aka, solid data thruput)..

Ordering problems exist due to make reasons. Maybe new cabling is needed, or whole new bank of hardware. Maybe a cable can't be installed due to a blocked duct. Maybe the newly installed cable or hard is bust and failed testing before go-live.

If the exchange is sub-tendered, maybe the main exchange is also low on capacity.

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BT VP status

My exchange has been red/amber for the last month, with an estimated fix in a couple of weeks. It's clear something has gone wring in the process as for the last two Sundays maximum throughput (tested via various connection testers including +nets) has been down below 400kbps during early evening. All we can do is sit and wait, I fear that as customers of BT neither ourselves or +net really have much influence on things.