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BT Speedtester


BT Speedtester

I have been having some poor performance issues at night recently, especially with FTP, general browsing & downloading (not P2P).

A ticket has been logged, as this is also impacting my online radio, with streaming & listening to streams (they become tinny, and the stream is about 3/4 mins behind at times.

Anyway, just tried to do a BT speedtest

It appears they have put the beta speedtest live, would that be correct? Seems strange to put it live when it's not working properly.

Anytime I try to put my user details in to confirm, I receive the error below, all details entered are correct (this happened with the beta version as well).

The login name entered on this tool doesnt match that discovered by querying the network for your domain name. Please check your telephone number (or user name) and try again.

Anyway, here's some of the speedtests I ran, I wanted a BT Speedtest to add to the ticket - latency's also very high.

Sync Rate 8.1Mbps

Stable Rate 8000

ADSL Guide Speedtest

Downstream 1,803.7 Kbps ( = 1.8 Mbps )
Upstream 374.3 Kbps ( = 0.4 Mbps )