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BT Refund

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Registered: 16-08-2007

BT Refund

I read yesterday that Offtel is forcing BT to refund 17% of charges backdated to June 2002 to its unmetered clientbase.

Will this eventually manifest itself as a refund to PlusNet's FRIACO users?

yours in hope


BT Refund

This information is not clear at this time.

The refund itself, isn't to your normal ISPs like +Net, but the larger Telecomunications companies.

These include BT Ignite.

BT Ignite then wholesale the Friaco platform further, to companies like +Net.

It is now up to BT Ignite to respond, and let the public (or at least there clients (+Net)) know, what - if any - price reductions are going to take place.

In adition. Are they going to pass on the dackdated refunds. BT Ignite do not have to do this, however, they will receive there refund from BT.

BT Ignite run most of the Friaco lines in the UK, so if they don't pass any of this on, life will continue as normal with BT Overprice.
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BT Refund

Hi Keith,

As Philip said, at the moment we simply do not have enough information to say whether or not you lot will get any of this discount. Once we have more information on exactly what the oftel ruling means to us then we will let you know.