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BT Low User Scheme


BT Low User Scheme

Is anyone on this scheme? We only use the phone for Sky and PlusNET Anytime, so our quarterly bills come in at only the rental. I spoke to BT about going onto the low user scheme and they said if I use an 0800 or 0808 number to access the internet, it would be blocked. Is anyone using the 0808 number on the BT LUS scheme, and if I have the 1471 or whatever on the front, will it still be blocked?

BT Low User Scheme

Yes, these services are blocked.

BTs LUS is designed as a line for those emergancy purposes, where no data services can take place at all.

This includes ISP, redcare and DOA technologies.

As quoted from the BT website


Light User Scheme
Our light user scheme is an economical alternative for those who need a telephone to keep in touch but make very few calls.
Depending on how much or how little you use you telephone, BT will offer a rebate to those participating in the scheme.
For more information or for your copy of the leaflet call us on Freefone 0800 169 2707.

I am unable to locate the relevant document (though I have seen it and may have a printed copy at the base of my file), though what you have been told stands true.
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BT Low User Scheme

Just to confirm what Philp has said, you can't use the low user scheme.

Oh and the restrictions include not being able to use ADSL as well.