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BT Line Speed


BT Line Speed

I have an account with two ISPs, PlusNet and Claranet.. The connect speeds are different, the +net speed is a maximum of 33,600 but the Claranet is 56K. The difference can be seen on downloads, so it's real. I contacted +net support who put it in the hands of BT, well you can guess what happened... Nothing
Well is there anyone else out there with a similar problem?
Tony Blackburn
Jodrell Bank Observatory
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Registered: 30-07-2007

RE: BT Line Speed

Hi Tony,

This is very odd.

What speed do you get if you use our 0845 dial up (Temporarily - this is charged at local rates) 0845 1400101?

What is the Claranet Number? Is it an 0808 Friaco Number?

33.6 connections are 'normally' related to the way your machine is setup. Can you try changing your Clara dial up networking connection to our number and details and see if it does the same thing?

Best Wishes,

Ian Wild

RE: BT Line Speed

Ian - see my PM to you of a couple of days ago on a slightly different subject.

It's got the Claranet number there, which is 0845. They don't use 0808.