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BT Fault Report Timescales


BT Fault Report Timescales

Can anyone provide me with a rough idea of how long BT take to investigate a fault report from PN? I've had a ticket open since Wednesday, I've been through umpteen BT speed tests, I've had speeds as low as 38 Kbps and back up to 1900 Kbps ( at 1:00am ) but that's not really my preferred time for using my connection.

I've been fairly patient, and have asked this specific question both on my open ticket and on the phone to support (when I couldn't even get the portal page to display).

I'm getting irritated now, as much at the lack of direct responses to my question as to the lack of a workable service.

BT Fault fixes Ivan


First of all sorry! to hear about your problems, however BT enforce a pretty rigid system on ALL internet service providors which means that PN have to eliminate other causal factors before a fault (such as definate problems with the users own equipement or phone line extensions etc etc) can be passed onto BT itself. So this obviously slows the process down (agreed NOT a good start really but you can sort of see the logic of it I guess!).

Once BT's fault team have accepted that a user has a BT related fault with their internet it can take 7-10 working days before it gets actioned but in reality sometimes its faster than this and sometimes its way longer than this. Sorry! you have my sympathies but its BT we are talking about here, sadly BT are a complete pain in the posterior and customers of non BT ISP's such as Plusnet get a lower fault fixing priority than BT Yahoo or BT openworld customers (in other words BT looks after & fixes its own customers first & there's nowt anyone else can do about it).

**So being realistic it might take as much as 10 days to sort out IMO

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BT Fault Report Timescales

Thanks, Ivan. Yes, I see the logic of the elimination process. An estimated resolution time was all I was after and I've had this now after a 6:30am phone call to PN also (with pretty much the same answer as I've had from yourself).

Since it's taken about 5 mins to get the page loaded so I could respond to your post, I might as well give up for the rest of the week Sad

I can be patient, for a while longer - being informed does help customer satisfaction and whilst I'm not satisfied with my service right now, at least I understand the ground rules better.



BT Fault Report Timescales

Apparently my problem was at my end. Despite all the to-ing and fro-ing with PN support, it transpired that the fault was with my wireless access point.

I've replaced the £400 quids-worth of router/wireless access point with an integrated unit for under £90 - after 30 minutes worth of hassle, I'm up and running again.

The moral might be (in the nicest possible way) not to jump to conclusions and blame BT for everything ... thanks PN support for all the help and advice.