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BT Broadband blames Plusnet


BT Broadband blames Plusnet

I thought I would share this little tale.

I joined Plusnet in July even though I had paid BT Broadband up to the end of August.

My telephone bill arrived today, and predictably BT were trying to charge me for another 3 months in advance (Sept to Nov), for a Broadband service they no longer supply.

Trying to contact BT, I spend 30 minutes on hold to speak someone in darkest Calcutta, or wherever the call centre is, only to be told that they could do nothing and transferred me to the BT Broadband section (presumably in this country).

After explaining the situation again, that is I should not be charged for a service they are no longer providing. They said they had no record of the service being cancelled and blamed Plusnet for not doing it’s part of the migration properly.

They would only concede I had migrated when I supplied them with the MAC code they had given to me back in July. A cautionary note, if migrating, especially from BT, keep a note of this MAC code and all other relevant information.

My last thoughts on this episode are, the trend at BT and other companies seems to be if something is wrong, don’t hold up your hands and admit fault. Blame someone or something else that you claim is outside your control. :?
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BT Broadband blames Plusnet

That sound like our freind BT!

BT Broadband blames Plusnet

Well thankfully, you can be sure none of this was PlusNets fault. It is outright false for BT to suggest PlusNet has not done its part, which is a lie.

The only thing PlusNet need to do, is take your MAC code and take you on-board. Once this is done, there commitment with regards migration is complete.

After migration, BT Wholesale - who supply the likes of BT Retail and PlusNet with the wholesale ADSL produc - must inform BT Retail that you have left them.

This comes in the form of a twice daily report.

BT Wholesale are known for making the odd mistake, for which I am sure you will understand can always happen, though admitadly, it's not nice to happen to you.

However, once they have informed BT Retail, it is then upto them to fully terminate your account. PlusNet play no part in terminating your old account. Unless PlusNet ask and your willing to supply who you are migrating from, PlusNet will never be aware who you came from.

BT Broadband blames Plusnet

exact same thing happened when I came over from BT.

Migration from Pipex to PlusNet.

It took about 5 weeks for my account to migrate last year from Pipex to PlusNet.
(Yes it was BT who held things up), which for 1 month I had two bills, one for my old ISP and one for my new one.
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BT Broadband blames Plusnet

Same thing happened to Me with My old Wannado account, When i moved over i phoned Wannado to ask if my account was now closed and i was told Plusnet have not informed them.I rang plusnet and was told this is not how its done they do not inform anyone. Phoned Wannado back and told them what to do with the account Cheesy


BT Broadband blames Plusnet

Ever tried to move from BG!! :twisted:

Edit, sorry off track, an evil thought! Shockedops:
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BT Broadband blames Plusnet


Looks like BT never change, they did the same thing to me in 2002, when I left them to join plusnet

They finally admitted after a month of hassle that they had messed everything up :roll: