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BBYW 3 to BBYW 4

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BBYW 3 to BBYW 4

Ive just hit my limit for my package and im stuck on 128k speeds should we not get updates before we hit this limit ?

We used to get updates when we were at 13 GB and 17GB ect but on BBYW you just get an email saying that you hit your limit and your account has been restricted. Would be nice to know as im now stuck with slow internet.

Anyways ive tried to move over to BBYW option 4 and my ticket has had this added to it

Automatic regrade process: A problem was encountered submitting a regrade request to BT

Do plus net still think im on a fixed rate product, like when i tired to move from Premier to BBYW the first time ?

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BBYW 3 to BBYW 4

Make the usage page your home page or check it daily?
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Plusnet Staff
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BBYW 3 to BBYW 4


Looks like one of my colleagues has already picked this up and made the account change. The upgrade process is automated but it can sometimes encounter problems which need manual intervention, looks like in this case it failed because it couldn't tell if a BT regrade was needed.