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BB and dial-up not working this AM (incorrect user/pass)


BB and dial-up not working this AM (incorrect user/pass)

This morning my broadband (LLU) was offline and would not connect due to issues with my username/password. I tried the backup dial-in and again could not login due to incorrect username/password. So on the dial-up I tried my mother's account details. Again incorrect username/password. All along - broadband will not connect.

For the dial-up I tried both username and combos and this is the same password I have used to log onto the portal here at work.

So what's going on? As usual I can't get through on the helpline. SUPRISE SUPRISE.

BB and dial-up not working this AM (incorrect user/pass)

I've just read on the usergroup forum that the dial-in only activates after reporting a fault. Since I can't get to the portal from home and it takes far too long to either get through on the phones or to follow the overlong script for raising a fault on the line automatically then how does this help me after all?

The service status on the phone line stated that there were no problems since Wednesday 8:20am which is not true as there were the LLU speed issues last night. I guess it's likely that the fall-out form that issue has caused my problems today. Of course I only know this because I have left home to come to work and this is the first chance I have had to check what is going on.

Why not have the dial-in always on but limit it to the portal until a fault can be raised? That way I can't abuse the service but still use it to diagnose my problems without calling customer support.

BB and dial-up not working this AM (incorrect user/pass)

Don't understand that, my friend frequently uses the dial up number when she is away from home. Is this a new thing? I used it a few days ago.



There was an annoucement on the service status yesturday that plusnet now provide free dialup number so when your connection is down you can keep running.

i think your account with this only becomes active when you raise a fault that you cant connect via ADSL.

i'm not sure if the OP is using the 0845 number or the new freephone number.

BB and dial-up not working this AM (incorrect user/pass)

Sorry just read the posts on PUG.
Half a step in the right direction.
Bit awkward to register a fault if your adsl is down.
Course you can always phone plusnet! :?
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BB and dial-up not working this AM (incorrect user/pass)


To clarify your account comes with an 0845 backup number that you can use at any time.

The free 0808 service we provide is activated when you raise a fault so will not work until you have been through the faults troubleshooter.

Is your connection still non functional? as now you have access from somewhere you should be able to raise the fault through the troubleshooter @

BB and dial-up not working this AM (incorrect user/pass)

Thanks for the clarification.

Now I know there isn't an issue with either the whole system or my account I can carry out some actions at home (such as power off router for 15 minutes) before I take things further. Obviously I can't check this until I get home and from that point if I need to raise a fault then I guess I need to setup the 0845 number.

The freephone thing is certainly a step in the right direction - maybe the explanation of it could be a little clearer on the announcement. I'd also like PN to consider my idea of having it always on but only to the portal (pages such as service status, forums, ticket system, account settings and so on).