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Average Ticket Closure Time

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Registered: 26-06-2007

Average Ticket Closure Time

I realise that the faults tickets take a lot longer to close than regular tickets, but I'm still a bit suspicious of the average close time.

When I call CS to see if there's any updates on my open fault ticket, they raise and close another ticket that says "Customer called for update on open fault". That's fair enough, but do these open and shut cases get included in the average time that is reported on the website?

If they are then I think that number is a bit misleading.
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Average Ticket Closure Time

No, the closed contacts on your account, that are normally logged every time that you call in, don't count towards the stats that go on the portal. As these are created in a closed status, rather than being created as an open ticket and then closed off.

Normal questions that have been raised internally, such as if you call in to report a fault, do count towards the stats though.