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Auto regrade!??


Auto regrade!??

Hi there. I am , today, downloading at 2.5 meg, which is great. I didn't realise that the faster speeds would be available automaticly. Couldn't be easier this way. Thanks PlusNet! LOL, the only way I knew of the auto speed change was that I had to re-boot to be able to surf again because I couldn't connect to any sites etc. When I re-booted, bingo! over 2 meg. Just have to luvit!

Dont rub it in.

Dont rub it in! I dream of being upgraded. Sad

Yay! Me too!

July for the Billericay exchange, they said. I guessed October at the earliest, but I've just found my router syncing at 2Mbps! Downloads up to 180KB/s at the moment, a little short of the theoretical max - that may be a remote-end bottleneck.

Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy

I thought I was going to get email notification of the upgrade, though? Not that it matters!