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August already and still no Max


August already and still no Max

Okay this is getting beyond a joke.

I've been stuck on 512kbs for 3 years now depsite having a line that is capable of up to 2000 according to adsl guide etc. When are you going to upgrade me? At this point I'd be happy if you just put me on a 1 or 2 meg connection never mind dslmax....

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August already and still no Max

The Max upgrades are suspended indefinately until BT fix more of the current problems. When this will be even PN don't know so can't give you a date for a future upgrade.

Its frustrating but thats how things are at the moment.

Re: August already and still no Max

To be fair to PN (and you wont here this often from me) it's probably not down to them.
It sounds like you must be a fair distance from your local exchange and are still on BT's network.
You are better off there, trust me.
I was in a similar position with only 512Mb and BT refusing any attempts to increase my speed.
Then I got LLUd on to Piscalli, got a slightly faster connection but it wasn't anywhere near as stable. I hate to say it, but BT were right to refuse the upgrade.
If you want anything resembling a fast, and stable, internet connection move over to cable.

August already and still no Max

I hope Maxing has not been suspended indefinitely....

I have only this week received a reply to a ticket of mine stating they will endeavour to have me Maxed asap.

I have been trying to get Maxed since the first week in May...

I understand that PlusNet is the only ISP on a go slow with Maxing... may be it's time to move on...

Next door are happily surfing at 4 mbs., and have been for months, but they're with BT...

August already and still no Max

dinalt: If you know your line is capable of more than 512k, then why didn't you pay the £14.99 upgrade charge a year or so ago and have the line regraded? If it was capable of 2mb, that would have been set as the limit. I was stuck on 512k about 6 months ago before I decided to get the line regraded.

However, I don't think you can do it now, as all lines are (well, were) being regraded to MaxDSL for free.