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Attention Gamers!!!

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Attention Gamers!!!

Hi all.

We need your help! We want to deliver the best gaming experience on the planet for you to enjoy.

We believe we are almost there, however we need your help, feedback, ideas and suggestions.

3 of our guys, Adam, Darren and Chris, have gotten together and will be the PlusNet gaming gurus.

They will engage with you and discuss ideas to ensure gaming with PlusNet is all you need it to be.

Visit our gaming forum here link or on our Community site here and join the debate.

Are you up for it? This is your chance to drive the gaming experience you need.
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Attention Gamers!!!

i have made comments in the game forum, but i would suggest some sort of portal setting, say under services or connection settings, which allows user to tell you what gaming systems they have, this may make it easier for you when providing gaming services and hardware at your end.

For example, i have several PC's at home, but only my own system is used to play games like EVE, COD series and BF series. Therefore i would select PC Gaming in the gaming profile, and be connected accordingly to the right server. Others will have consoles as well as PC's, and you could then make sure the consoles get their own area and config (ports) to work with.

Result, everybody gets happier, and encourages more gamers to join, because right now, i don't think any ISP encourages this, which is a shame.