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Attention - All Customers


Attention - All Customers

Customers – Suggestions and feedback

PUG would like to take this opportunity to invite all customers of Plusnet to participate in this project.

This project will help customers give feedback on the Deferred Activation and Hardware Costs and help shape any future refresh.

We would hope that our fellow customers would wish to become involved with evaluating options for reducing deferred-cost payment requirements (of what would be a large array of the PlusNet product set) to time periods better suited to the needs of most customers.

To this end PUG have started a Project to facilitate the gathering of ideas and feedback. A thread has been created on the Plusnet UserGroup forum to facilitate this.,2985.0.html

We would hope that our fellow customers will take this opportunity to help develop products which best meet the needs of those who use them on a daily basis.

Further details and Project Charter available on the PUG site.

Please note that registration is required to post and view.

For those not already registered, you can sign up to PUG here