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Att plusnet support - usenet speed

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Att plusnet support - usenet speed

Quote from the service status forum 31st March:
"The previous reported problem with slow access to usenet has now been resolved and customers should be able to access our usenet servers at normal speed.

We will continue to monitor the usenet platform to ensure that speeds remain normal and expect to see any residual performance issues resolved once the platform is changed to text only next week."

Well I don't think this problem has been resolved. Giganews started off ok this morning but during the last 30mins has almost stopped. Bad last night as well.

I know there is already a similar thread on this subject but I thought a new subject might draw some attention from Plusnet staff. - If it does could you **please** tell us what is being done about it. The problem has been going on for weeks.
For reference I am on a premier 2mb account without any restrictions


Att plusnet support - usenet speed

Hi Paul.

As you have acknowledged, there is a thread in existance here to which Plus Net have contributed.

They are aware of the situation and having multiple threads running discussing the same issue only serves to duplicate and confuse matters.

As such I am locking this one in favour of the original and current thread.