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At A Loss


At A Loss

I've been an avid reader of the forums since I entered into a contract with Plus Net to provide my internet service, almost two years now.
What I'm at a loss about is the inclination of some "customers" attacking other customers and members of the front line of Plus Net.
I can understand the arguements put forward by those that do not like some of the changes that "The Company" not the CS agents, has introduced and I can see the other side of the arguement as well.
What I cannot see is the need to attack each other, if someone states they do not like a particular point then surely they have the right to say so
If someone likes a change then surely they have the right to say so too
We may not agree with one or the other side but they have a right to state their opinion WITHOUT BEING ATTACKED FOR THEIR VIEWS.
The CS staff are in a difficult position the are under instruction from their managers and have to follow the company line- even if they agree/disagree with it.
To my mind the only topics covered in these forums should be issues and problems/sucesses with the service and not personalities.
Just my take and I've not started this to attack anyone or for this to turn into another opportunity for other customers to attack each other
If this thread goes that way I hope one of the mods delete it

The nature of forums & users, Ivan

Hello Homely,

I think you put your point of view very eliquently and I can agree with you quite abit of what you say but perhaps you've missed the point that sadly it seems to be human nature (almost hard wired into human's) for people & personalities to clash!! and clash alot, almost at the drop of a hat.

As a forum moderator that's part of my role is to make sure people abide by the forum guidelines and the guidelines are to prevent clashes & conflicts getting out of hand, which from time to time they inevitably do. Part of my role is too help ensure people dont go over the top and that users feelings dont get hurt, I try to nip things in the bud before it gets out of hand. If someone is out of order then sanctions can and will be taken but usually warnings are given first and sanctions are usually a last resort though.

**Perhaps the nature of these forums is a part of what makes Plusnet abit different from other service providors, there is a level of openness & honesty. Yes! sometimes the dirty washing does indeed get hung out for all too see (like it or not?) but atleast its not swept under the carpet and hidden from view. :lol:

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