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Are you serious about your NewsGroups ?


Are you serious about your NewsGroups ?

Enough is enough.
Plusnet’s diminishing service forced my hand and I have voted with my feet….

I have just migrated to Zen InterNet

The transition was smooth only 3 working days. Now I have an ISP which does not have a dumb 4 PM to 12 AM peak time fair usage policy.

Their new groups are great! I am downloading (as I type this post) with 32 connection, yes 32 simultaneous connections at the Zen InterNet new groups.

If you are serious about your news groups you too will vote with your feet.

Happy downloading… Cheesy

Are you serious about your NewsGroups ?


I am happy that you are now much happier with your new service. However I do not see this post as benefitting anyone on the Plusnet network and offers no help.

Therefore thread is locked.