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Are P2P users doubly penalised?


Are P2P users doubly penalised?

This is a request for clarification from PlusNet. The question is: are packets which are dropped as a result of the gold /silver /bronze queueing system still counted towards a user's peak time allowance?

1. Plusnet states that P2P traffic is classed as low priority 'bronze' traffic and we can see from the graphs on the bandwith usage page that the only time when P2P packets are NOT dropped is between 3:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. or less.

2. PlusNet says that packets coming from the internet to a user's IP number are counted towards the monthly allowance even if the user's computer is switched off. This is called 'background noise';

So, are customers who use P2P during peak time doubly penalised? (because their P2P packets are dropped but still count against their monthly allowance?);

Many thanks for a clear answer.
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Are P2P users doubly penalised?


If the packet doesn't reach you then it isn't counted as far as your usage is concerned. Only data that is transferred across our central pipes will be counted in your usage figures.

The usage counter measure your data after any packets are dropped so is only counting the data you actually receive (and send).

The "background noise" is traffic that will stuff like virus probes and port scans that will just bounce off your firewall (which is why it will count if your PC is off because it hits your router's firewall). As that passes across the central pipes it gets counted. If your router was off at the time then it wouldn't be counted as we'd drop the packets before they get to the pipes as we know you were offline.