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Application for new Forum Moderator Open


Application for new Forum Moderator Open

Applications for a new Moderator to jion the Present Team now Open, Dated 31st August 2005.

We currently have a position for a new member to jion the Moderators team to help manage the forums across both Force9 & Free-Online forums. The existing PlusNet moderating team offer their experience & support to the F9 & Free-Online moderators as required. Obviously we need someone who feels they have the long term time & energy to contribute to the day to day forums. Idealy we need someone who has a good understanding of our products and services but also enjoys helping users of the forums.

If you feel you or another forum user could participate with the moderation of the forums please contact myself via PM. Anyone is eligible to apply, on the condition that they are an F9/FOL customer who regularly visits the forums and feels they have the time to devote to moderating the forums. In addition please indicate if you are only interested in moderating just the Force9 or Free-Online forum or whether you would be interested in helping with both.

**Please read the Moderators Guideline below before you make your decision to apply**

Important Additional Information:-There is no financial gain what so ever in becoming a moderator. Moderators do not gain any form of discount on services from F9 or FOL, nor will it give you a right to join the Usergroup or any insider knowledge or additional support from us so please
bear this in mind. Applications should be sent to any member of the current moderators team, either Dave Tomlinson or Ivan Ratoyevsky or Colin Ogilvie (by Private Message or by email)

The closing date for applications will be 1st November 2005.

Regards Ivan Ratoyevsky
F9 FOL Forum Moderator
F9 Broadband Premier 2MB User
The True power of knowledge is when its shared.