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Apologies to the support team


Apologies to the support team

Hello, Shockedops:

Try as I might I couldn't find a better way to pass my apologies onto you support guys than this forum. I can't phone (as others of you have found out) and there doesn't seem to be any direct email links so here goes...

My broadband suddenly ceased working about 4 days ago now. Nothing untoward preceded it, nothing odd which might cause a stoppage. It just ceased to be. The DSL light was flashing on my router which I understood from friends to be a weak signal, but BT didn't/couldn't/wouldn't help and PlusNet were all on the phone to their aunties in Australia (or that's how it seemed).

After trying to contact the support team over four days at all different times of the day (most of which I had to hang up on because after the first hour my hand was numb and other things, like work, were intruding in my vigil) I finally got through on Friday night after a truly heroic wait. All this time while I listened to what must be the most innappropriate message ever to someone waiting for as long as I was on the phone - 'please have your login and password ready so we can find your details quickly' . Quickly! My login details are possibly the least of the delays possible here!

Anyway to cut a very long story short your guy advised me to try the master socket to connect the router. I admit I argued strongly against this because a) we have never used the point which has the master socket in it b) the master socket is behind a multitude of furniture items which my wife would be reluctant (to say the least) to move c) I would have to lay power across the room to connect it all up and d) for what reason, nothing had changed so why should this effect anything.

So finally I wired the router to the master socket and hey presto! here we are firing on cylinders and with a far stronger signal than before. So I hold my hand up and say sorry to anyone I offended - you were right and I was wrong and I apologise for my irritable tone.

Which I suppose leaves me with the problem of a useless phone extension! Oh well at least I can report the fault online now... :roll:

Thanks for your help,


Re: Apologies to the support team


Which I suppose leaves me with the problem of a useless phone extension! Oh well at least I can report the fault online now... :roll:

Any faulty hardware/wiring on your side of your master socket is your remit and not BT's - if you call them out and they have to repair/rewire something in your premises you will be charged Smiley

Apologies to the support team

Thanks for the reply.

I do realise that - but I still need the extension fixed so someone has to do it.

I've just done the fault reporting thing on the BT website and they talk about contacting a 'telephone maintainer'. What is this? I've never heard of such a person or business before. I've done a search on and apparently they haven't either.

Where do people go to get their extension sockets fixed if not to BT? :?

Ho hum. I foresee another frustrating week ahead on the phone...



Apologies to the support team

these things are easily fixed by yourself if you're handy with wires and a screw driver Smiley If you'd be more willing for BT to just do it then make it clear you're happy about the charges.

Apologies to the support team

I am actually quite handy with wires and a screwdriver but I have no experience with telecoms at all. How do I know what wires go where and how do I test to make sure I've achieved anything? I just wouldn't know if something was wrong or not.

I've taken the cover off to expose the master socket and there's a rat's nest of tiny wires behind the cover. Where they might have to go I haven't got the foggiest.

The extension is working fine (the phone is still plugged into it now) so I think it's something just connecting poorly that affects the adsl.

I'll do that thing amateurs do best and fiddle with things - it always helps!

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Apologies to the support team

UK telephone wiring should have all the info you need to know.
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Extension problems

I was having immense problems after the introduction of MaxDSL - typical symptoms being regular disconnections in the evenings, very poor access to all web sites between disconnections .... to cut the long story short I resolved most of the problems by disconnecting the ring wire at the BT Master Socket.

In effect this gave me the same performance at the extension as at the BT MS itself. The sync speed doubled immediately.

I am no whizz-kid with telecoms although I am happy to do most of my own computer jiggery-pokery.

Details of which wire to disconnect (just one!) are at

Disconnecting the ring wire connection is on the house side of the system - you do not interfere with the incoming BT line, so it is all legal. Good luck