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Anyone else having problems today


Anyone else having problems today

Just had very slow net connection, reset my router twice and both times it failed to get a connection at all. Only on the third try did it succeed - and speeds are back up to normal.

Anyone else having such problems today? If not then perhaps I need a new router Smiley

Anyone else having problems today


Perhaps there is a slight congestion on your exchange?
If you use the link in my sig you can have a look to see if anything is noted as reported.

It could also be a slightly dodgy filter, extension cable or a numerous other things.


Anyone else having problems today

I am having similiar problem slow speeds and very slugish browsing and games , since yesterday
exchange shows ok

plus net speed test
8-02-2006 17:59:28 725.9
18-02-2006 18:01:36 1207.1

im off to do a BT speed test at moment

Anyone else having problems today

I found the problem, another machine on my network became infected with a virus that was doing an SMTP mass mailout, which was hogging all my bandwidth.

Very frustrating as I'm normally scrupulous about security, unfortunately looks like this sucker slipped past.

I'm dealing with it now, in the meantime have taken the machine off the network and things are running smoothly again.

jjcuk perhaps try running your virus checker.

Anyone else having problems today

nope , no virus here thanks

looks like its BT, exchange or contention
1305 kilo bits per second (Kbps)

as usual I have never found it useful to check the exchange checker 99% of the time it shows green, whether there is something wrong or not.

will just have to sit it out as usual.

does anyone suffer disconnections regulary late on a Sunday night, as I do.
I Have just put it down to BT applying changes or carrying out maintenance ?