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Anyone else had a secret upgrade?


Anyone else had a secret upgrade?

I was quite surprised to notice the other night that my line appears to have been maxed without me being informed.
I was on a spyware checking site which also had a speedcheck which I happened to run. It reported back that I had 6meg download and 400k upload. Thinkin the checker was ropey I went over to ADSLGuide and ran a test which returned 4meg up and 400k down. Since then it seems to have settled to between 2.5meg and 4 meg depending on which way the wind is blowing. On the plus side the 400k upload figure seems constant.
After this I checked my router which is synching at 6meg and 448k.
I then received an email from plusnet. Thinking it would inform me of an upgrade I read it. It turned out to be the one telling me I wouldn't get one unless I specifically opt in!
Now I know most of you will be thinking "so what, you got your upgrade. Why complain?" and i'm not moaning, but having heard nothing but negative feedback on this rollout I'm naturally a little worried that things may go pear shaped! I have since spoken to a colleague who is also with plusnet who went home, checked his router and found he too had been maxed with no communication(different exchange). So I'd advise all of you to keep an eye on your router stats as you never know if there will be a wee surprise waiting for you!

P.S. Happy with it so far......... Cool

Anyone else had a secret upgrade?

Yes, I have just discovered that I have been upgraded to max without being informed either. Again I don't have a problem, but I'm a bit surprised!

Anyone else had a secret upgrade?

Well, I think I may have been Maxed but I'm not sure! I've had no communication to say so and Plusnet is still reporting that I am on 2meg although my line would never allow me more than 1meg! I did a speed test about 3 weeks ago (as I tend to do every now and then) and discovered my dowload speed was a massive 2meg - I was well pleased, I can tell you. 2 days later I tested again, same speed. 4 days later the test came back at a stupendous 127kbps and has hovered around that speed for the last 2 weeks.
My router is showing an upstream of 448kbps but the downstream varies - it has been as high as 3meg but has today dropped to just 1meg and still no communication from PN.
I raised a ticket on 17th June (19631583) about my speeds, got a reply on 19th June stating

Dear Customer,

Please accept our apologies for the delay in responding to your query. I will now move your query to the correct team to be actioned. We will complete detailed diagnostics on your line with further updates expected in the next 72 hours

as of today I am still waiting for 'further updates' although I have tried to provoke a response by adding further comments!
I have been very happy with PN and have never had a problem with them before but this is beginning to annoy. It wouldn't be so bad if they just communicated with their customers.

Anyone else had a secret upgrade?

I'll add my name to the list of users who were maxed and weren't told Sad

Anyone else had a secret upgrade?

Yes, you could be unhappy at not being told....or there's always the alternative of being happy at being maxed!

Unannounced speed increase

I too have recently noticed my download and upload speeds have doubled, despite the fact that PlusNet sent me an e-mail telling me I need to ask for an upgrade. I live nearly 5km from the exchange and used to get 960kbps (using the PlusNet speed tester), but this has changed to 1.85Mbps. Mind you, the Signal to Noise ratio has dropped from 18dB before the upgrade and now hovers around 6dB which is pretty poor. Despite the low S/N ratio, I have not noticed any ill effects so I haven't bothered to complain.

I've just checked my ADSL modem and it reports a SNR Margin of 8.1dB (up), 16.0dB (down), a Line Attenuation of 58.8dB (up), 31.5db (down) and Data Rate of 2431kbps (up) and 448kbps (down). As you can see, there's a lot of attenuation due to the excessive length of my phone line. Perhaps I should ditch PlusNet and use the money I save to upgrade my NTL cable broadband to 10Mbps. There's no capping on my NTL account, unlike PlusNet who seem to change their Terms and Conditions every three months.

Anyone else had a secret upgrade?


I'll add my name to the pleasant-but-flawed silent upgrade to 8MBits/s

However in my case, my PC no longer connects (error 721 The remote comptuer did not respond). My 8 meg line's lights are on BUT THERE'S NO-ONE HOME. The lift doesn't go right to the top floor. There's a screw loose, a dangling wire.

My line's been down for 7 days, still waiting for a fix. Am currently in the queue for plusnet tech support, have been waiting 55 minutes!

Please PlusNet, kick Tiscali and fix my connection (sob)

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Anyone else had a secret upgrade?

I moved house at the end of April and when my line was activated after the usual delay and cries from Plusnet of "Its BT" and cries from BT of "It's Plusnet" my line came up and indeed about a week later it was there at 8mb Whoohoo!

I also recently got the say if you want the upgrade email.

I am really pleased to have the fast line and despite what it looks like this isnt a dig at Plusnet. The fact is that having used several ISP's over the years. you have problems with all of them. They are no worse than any other I have used in fact so far they have been better than most.

And as for BT, they have always blamed the ISP whoever it was. The true frustration comes when even after escalating with BT and Plusnet no-one will actually take responsibility to sort the problem out... they just refer you back to the opposition. Boy does that make you feel angry!

Eventually to solve the problem myself I had to take a new telephone number at the new house instead of transferring my old number.



Anyone else had a secret upgrade?

I was upgraded without asking, but I DID get an email from PlusNet many weeks ago saying they were going to run the upgrade.

Seems like a lot of people didn't get this email? I wonder if it was blocked by spam filters?